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Engaged Sweeper
Hey Guys,

i've created an Asset Type in the Asset Management to do Asset Mapping for my Windows and Linux Servers.

Also i have created Assets which are childs of the Asset Type.

For Example the Name of my Asset Type is : Datacenter
And the Childs are: SharePoint, Fileservice, Apache and so on.

Now i'm in Need to generate a Report which Show me every Asset which is not a child of 'Datacenter'

Could you guys help me please creating this Report? I tried to find it in the Report Center but was not successfull.

Im grateful for every tip and Suggestion.

Champion Sweeper III
not much of a sql report write myself but you could take one of the default reports and modify it. to use a WHERE IN (LIST) query, but that probably depends on how many other things you want to pull back (no idea how many asset types you have to include vs exclude.

an example would be
SELECT Id, CompanyName, City, Country
FROM Supplier
WHERE Country IN ('USA', 'UK', 'Japan')

another way would be using a sub query that pulls back asset types that are filtered, then report on those or some kind of where exists clause. sorry if that is not much help but there are tons of examples on the web. Also, if you look at all the reports, there are examples of different ways to filter. find one that does a similar type of filtering (maybe on a different column) and apply what you see to that asset type data. perhaps one of the reports that filters on versions of certain software would filter in a similar fashion?