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Engaged Sweeper
I am trying to create a custom report to invenotry my computers but I am having problems

I am trying to get the information in the following format

Device name | Device type | Serial Number or UUID | Model Number | MFG Date or something close | Manufacturer

I am able to get the following working

device name, model number, manufacturer

If i try to add any bios tables the report veiwer crashes.

Can someone help me with this if possible?
Lansweeper Alumni
Please try the new beta of the report builder :

It fixes a lot of known bugs.
Engaged Sweeper
when I try and add those fields to the report, and then run the report. Report Builder crashes on me everytime. If I take those bios feilds out then everyhting works.
Engaged Sweeper II
You find the Serialnumber in the table TBLBIOS fieldname SerialNumber the Biosdate is in the same table Fieldname ReleaseDate
Engaged Sweeper
I don't really know where to get the serial or UUID or the MFG date or bios date
Champion Sweeper
Could you tell me what tables these are from please? I can build one by hand if need be.