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Engaged Sweeper
I'm attempting to create a report of open requests for new accounts.
Out helpdesk ticket contains some custom fields I'd like to include but have no idea how to add them.
One of the custom fields I'd like to add is called "Job Title" Here is what I have so far:
Select Distinct Top 1000000 htblticket.ticketid,
'#' + Cast(htblticket.ticketid As nvarchar) As Ticket,
htblticket.date As CreationDate,
htblticket.updated As LastUpdated,
htbltickettypes.typename As Type,
htblticketstates.statename As State,
htblpriorities.name As Priority,
htblsource.name As Source,
htblusers.name As [User],
htblusers1.name As AssignedAgent,
htblusers2.name As UserLastNote,
'../helpdesk/icons/' + htbltickettypes.icon As icon,
htblticket.subject As Subject
From htblticket
Inner Join htblpriorities On htblpriorities.priority = htblticket.priority
Inner Join htblticketstates On htblticketstates.ticketstateid =
Inner Join htblusers On htblusers.userid = htblticket.fromuserid
Left Join htblagents On htblagents.agentid = htblticket.agentid
Left Join htblusers htblusers1 On htblusers1.userid = htblagents.userid
Inner Join htbltickettypes On htblticket.tickettypeid =
Inner Join htblsource On htblticket.sourceid = htblsource.sourceid
Inner Join htblusers htblusers2 On htblticket.userid_lastnote =
Inner Join htblhistory On htblticket.ticketid = htblhistory.ticketid
Inner Join htblhistorytypes On htblhistorytypes.typeid = htblhistory.typeid
Where htbltickettypes.typename = 'NEW HIRE LOGIN REQUESTS' And
htblticketstates.statename <> 'closed' And htblticket.spam <> 'True'
Order By htblticket.ticketid Desc