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Engaged Sweeper II
Aloha report Guru's, We had a single report that gave the status of multiple services. Somehow we managed to wipe it and can not recover or recreate. Does anyone have an example of a report that will give the status of the state multiple services in a single report? Example - SCCM, Firewall, etc.. as "On" or "Off" We had this working with a Case statement before, but something went bad with the report and we are unable to recover. Thanks much in advance.
Engaged Sweeper II
A little more data, in our original report (which WAS working) we were referencing other reports.

example - LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.web50rep64ab23ffbdd54942bc5610739b1abd53 ON dbo.tblAssets.AssetID = dbo.web50rep64ab23ffbdd54942bc5610739b1abd53.AssetID

Now dbo.web50rep64ab23ffbdd54942bc5610739b1abd53 is throwing an "Unknown Object Name" error.
These dbo.web50***'s are custom "sub-reports" that we were able to query before..

And I can confirm that is a good object name.

Here is the original working report..


SELECT TOP (1000000)
dbo.tblAssets.Username AS [User Name],
dbo.tblADusers.COABusinessUnit AS Team,
dbo.tblAssets.AssetName AS [Asset Name],
dbo.TsysChassisTypes.ChassisName AS Type,
CONVERT(Decimal(12, 2), dbo.tblAssets.Uptime / 86400) AS Uptime,
dbo.tblOperatingsystem.Caption AS OS,
dbo.tblAssets.IPAddress AS [IP Address],
dbo.web50rep64ab23ffbdd54942bc5610739b1abd53.[Firewall Status],
dbo.web50repab9730e6ac77487aa7636b3e16ad7939.[SCCM Status],
dbo.web50repc351a4ff57bc41b4a02b5f867f55127d.[McAfee Status],
dbo.web50repb987087ba1334f9dbc493d93d3794182.[Carbon Black Status],
dbo.web50rep06baf443a57f48beb68135aaf9811843.[Tanium Status],
dbo.web50rep9cbba0dbb13c45e9966c09b0cb20f682.[Incredibuild Status],
FROM dbo.tblAssets
LEFT OUTER JOIN tblAssetCustom ON dbo.tblAssets.AssetID = dbo.tblAssetCustom.AssetID
LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.tsysAssetTypes ON dbo.tsysAssetTypes.AssetType = dbo.tblAssets.Assettype
LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.tblADComputers ON dbo.tblAssets.AssetID = dbo.tblADComputers.AssetID
LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.tblSystemEnclosure ON dbo.tblAssets.AssetID = dbo.tblSystemEnclosure.AssetID AND dbo.tblAssets.AssetID = dbo.tblSystemEnclosure.AssetID
LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.TsysChassisTypes ON dbo.tblSystemEnclosure.ChassisTypes = dbo.TsysChassisTypes.Chassistype
LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.tblADusers ON dbo.tblAssets.Username = dbo.tblADusers.Username
LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.tblOperatingsystem ON dbo.tblAssets.AssetID = dbo.tblOperatingsystem.AssetID
LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.web50rep64ab23ffbdd54942bc5610739b1abd53 ON dbo.tblAssets.AssetID = dbo.web50rep64ab23ffbdd54942bc5610739b1abd53.AssetID
LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.web50repab9730e6ac77487aa7636b3e16ad7939 ON dbo.tblAssets.AssetID = dbo.web50repab9730e6ac77487aa7636b3e16ad7939.AssetID
LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.web50repc351a4ff57bc41b4a02b5f867f55127d ON dbo.tblAssets.AssetID = dbo.web50repc351a4ff57bc41b4a02b5f867f55127d.AssetID
LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.web50repb987087ba1334f9dbc493d93d3794182 ON dbo.tblAssets.AssetID = dbo.web50repb987087ba1334f9dbc493d93d3794182.AssetID
LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.web50rep06baf443a57f48beb68135aaf9811843 ON dbo.tblAssets.AssetID = dbo.web50rep06baf443a57f48beb68135aaf9811843.AssetID
LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.web50rep9cbba0dbb13c45e9966c09b0cb20f682 ON dbo.tblAssets.AssetID = dbo.web50rep9cbba0dbb13c45e9966c09b0cb20f682.AssetID
WHERE (dbo.TsysChassisTypes.ChassisName <> 'Docking Station') AND (dbo.tblAssetCustom.Manufacturer <> 'VMware, Inc.') AND (dbo.tblADComputers.OU LIKE '%Workstations%') AND (dbo.tblAssets.LastActiveScan > GETDATE() - 7)