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Champion Sweeper
Here goes,

I'm trying to make a report, I import tblComputers, tblSoftware and tblRegistiry. I got the conditions correct and ran it, and it showed every computer three times. I opened up the tblRegistry and noticed most computers are listed three times (3 reg keys each)

Essentially I'm trying to make a list of computers, that have office 2003 and do not have a registry key. I have been able to make a script of computers that have the software and the key and that works just fine. I need a report that shows the computers that have the software and not the key.

After talking to my SQL expert, she said it had something to do with how Report builder links the tables (computername). She gave it a few minutes and typed in some SQL but the report builder didn't like it. Any suggestions? I thought this would be a quick and easy report, but I guessed wrong.

The code may help:

LEFT OUTER JOIN tblComputers ON (tblRegistry.Computername = tblComputers.Computername)
INNER JOIN tblSoftware ON (tblComputers.Computername = tblSoftware.ComputerName)
tblSoftware.softwareName LIKE '%microsoft office 2003%' AND
tblRegistry.Value NOT LIKE '%KB956328%'
Lansweeper Alumni
not checked for syntax errors:

SELECT Computername FROM tblcomputers where computername in (select computername from tblsoftware where softwareName LIKE '%microsoft office 2003%') and computername not in (select computername from tblregistry where Value LIKE '%KB956328%')

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