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DISCLAIMER: The Intel discovery tool has been known to hang on Virtual Machines. As a result running the package on a VM may cause it to hang and end up on a 'Package Timeout' error.

Intel has identified several security vulnerabilities in its Management Engine (ME), Trusted Execution Engine (TXE) and Server Platform Services (SPS) that could place impacted PCs, servers and IoT platforms at risk. Attackers could gain unauthorized access to systems using the Management Engine feature.
This topic outlines how you can deploy the Intel-SA-00086 discovery tool using the Lansweeper deployment module and afterwards run a report that lists whether your computers are vulnerable or not.
To make use of this guide make sure the following are in order:

If the requirements are in order, you can mass check whether your computers are vulnerable or not by doing the following 3 things, setting up custom registry scanning for the registry value created by the Intel tool, deploying the Intel tool and reporting on the results:

1) Set up Custom Registry Scanning for the registry key the Intel tool will create:
  • Go to Scanning\File & Registry Scanning
  • Click Add Registry Scan
  • Enter the following in the Regpath field: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intel\Setup and Configuration Software\INTEL-SA-00086 Discovery Tool\System Status
  • Enter the following in the Regvalue field: System Risk

2) Go to Deployment\Security Options and set up your package share and share user.

3) Follow the instructions found in the Installer Center to add the deployment to your Lansweeper installation.

4) Follow the instructions found in the Report Center to add the report to your Lansweeper installation.

5) Patch your systems via the vendor resources listed in the Intel article found here.
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