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Engaged Sweeper III
I have a user that says has 2493 autorun items. We have checked Current_user_run and Local_machine_run and see a "normal" amount of entries.

I'm wondering what all things are being looked at to generate this list of autorun items? Below is the 1st few entries of things that are showing up.

ncsp$ $ncsp$.inf 04/19/2010
$winnt$ $winnt$.inf 04/19/2010
12520437 12520437.cpx 04/19/2010
12520850 12520850.cpx 04/19/2010
6to4svc 6to4svc.dll 04/19/2010
aaaamon aaaamon.dll 04/19/2010
aaclient aaclient.dll 04/19/2010
access access.cpl

Anyone have any ideas?
Lansweeper Alumni
see here:

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