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Upgrade to 5.0

Hi,After the upgrade, in the web I get a new "Lansweeper first run wizard", but after click on continue button, nothing happends.Please Help!!!RegardsRamon

rvgfox by Engaged Sweeper
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Custom report for finding "Comments"

I'm looking for a way to see all asset Comments & Docs, who added it, and when it was added for any machine in Lansweeper 5.0.Basically,I only care about documents and comments and using them as a trouble ticket system.e.g., User1 works on workstatio...

bsbruc3 by Engaged Sweeper
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New version questions

I know this was answered before in the old version, however is there a way in the new version to make Lansweeper read the computer description from AD instead of getting it from the PC itself? Also, I was trying to change the SNMP community string, b...

estinson by Engaged Sweeper II
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Blank Fields in V 5

Hi. Installed the latest version and very happy with it.. Love the new interface. One small issue however, when i run the below report, which ran fine in the previous version, the operating system is blank. when i go in and edit the report I see t...

kevinoie by Engaged Sweeper III
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Change database server?

I'm getting ready to upgrade my production LanSweeper to the new version, and we are wanting to move the current database to another SQL server prior to the upgrade.What all do I need to change to have the "old" version of LanSweeper point to a new d...

dteague by Engaged Sweeper III
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IIS stopped authenticating using windows authentication

Ok so after the last update....to v windows authentication quit working...and I am forced to login everytime now....IIS shows authenticaiton unknown...I do not wish to reinstall or re-set up what I already had working good...what to do...

EB by Engaged Sweeper III
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LS5: Data reports

I've noticed a couple of UI problems encountered when viewing data reports in various areas:1) When a data report is in a widget, some of the information on the far right is cut off. Maybe adding a horizontal scroll bar to widgets would resolve this?...

taeratrin by Champion Sweeper
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Timeout Scanning and Other Problems

Hi There, We have many problems with LanSweeper since we migrating to version5. We have a network using Profinet network and users see their computers became really really slow. Do you know any knowledge bugs with this kind of bug? We want to know if...

Kinoal by Engaged Sweeper
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