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Engaged Sweeper

We just bought a premium version, and as a new user on this app, I want to draw you my network so you know what my problem is.
Being a telecom company, we have simple users (let;s say the executive zone), and network specialist, network admins and so on (let;s say the operational zone). The executive users are all gathered in an AD (piece of cake when it comes to gathering info about the servers and\or workstations in that zone.
The problem I seem to have is with tech zone, where people are using laptops and servers in different workgroups, even people working on laptops only accesing my network. Obviously, the local administrator password is different and I have no "common user" with a common password with administrative rights.

What I want to ask you is this: is there a known posibility to establish connection with these computers to audit them without the need of a prior discussion with the user?
I was thinking about some sort of script deplyoment through our antivirus management console that gives me the opportunity to run some comands remotely and prepare those PC;s for lansweeper inspection, but I want to ask you before I start looking for a workaround myself.
Someone stumbled on this for sure and I want to ask for your opinion here.

Thanks in advance!
Engaged Sweeper III
Your my hero. Or at least you would be if I didn't have to remote into all my remote uses PC's and update that now 🙂 ... Ok, I'll be honest I'm not going to; I don't see it so it doesn't bother me.

Worse part is, I've used that before and should have known...

Engaged Sweeper III
Adding ",0" to the end of the FTP command will prevent window from appearing.

WshShell.Run "%comspec% /c ftp -s:C:\Lansweeper\ftpput.txt > C:\Lansweeper\results.txt",0
Engaged Sweeper III
First I create a folder, c:\lansweeper and a subfolder, c:\lansweeper\depot on the remote machines.

Inside the C:\lansweeper folder I put in a text file for my ftp portion of my script. It consists of the ftp information that is required to upload the results.

ftpput.txt (edited to remove corperate info)
open someftpsite.com
<insert ftp username>
<insert ftp password>
put "c:\lansweeper\depot\*.txt"

I then place a vbs script into the all users start up folder.

' lspushclient
' vbScript
' Written by Sal
' 12/14/2011
' Lansweeper Scan for Remote Clients

'Declare Stuffs
Dim WshShell
Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
intLoopCount = 0
On Error Resume Next

'Run the lspushclient and dump the results into the depot folder
Set objExec = WshShell.Exec("""C:\Lansweeper\lspush.exe"" /folder ""C:\Lansweeper\depot""")
Do While objExec.Status <> 1
WScript.Sleep 250


'Upload File

'Were done!

'Start the FTP process
Sub FTP()
If intLoopCount = 5 Then
End If
'Upload file and save the results
WshShell.Run "%comspec% /c ftp -s:C:\Lansweeper\ftpput.txt > C:\Lansweeper\results.txt"
WScript.Sleep 10000
Set textFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile("C:\Lansweeper\results.txt",1,0,-2)
strResults = textFile.ReadAll
Set textFile = Nothing

'Check the results for a success
If InStr(strResults, "226") > 0 Then
'Delete the Results file after the FTP process is done
objFSO.DeleteFile "C:\Lansweeper\depot\*.txt"
objFSO.DeleteFile "C:\Lansweeper\results.txt"
'Wait 60 seconds and retry the FTP Process
WScript.Sleep 60000
intLoopCount = intLoopCount + 1
End If
End Sub

'Lets clean up and get out
Sub EndProgram()

On Error Goto 0
Set WshShell = Nothing

End Sub


The only current gripe i have with it is that I have to use windows ftp program which I can't force to run in the back ground so my users all see a command box pop up for a few seconds (and up to 5 times if they have no internet connection). But that's small price to pay in my opinion.

Engaged Sweeper
Can you please show the script you use for that LsPush, Sal?

Engaged Sweeper III
You could use the same solution I used for my remote users.

I created a script that runs LsPush (which is stored locally) and collects the results before ftp'ing it to my network which is then passed to the LsImport folder for processing.

This has no client side admin requirements, but in my case required me to contact all my remote users to place the necessary files on their pc's. Your AntiVirus console may allow you the ability to push this out without the need for contacting everyone.

Engaged Sweeper
I was thinking I will be able to use that push, but with no luck.
The only way to audit these stations is to create a local user with same name, same password, member in the administrators group.
This way you will be able to login to multiple computers in a workgroup.
My problem was the passwords. Every computer had another local aministrator account password, and this made thing much difficult knowing that multiple credentials can't be storded in lansweeper for the same username account. 😞
So create an identical user name to all your stations and put the same password on every station. I gues it'll work fine.
Engaged Sweeper

We have the same problem.

We have netbooks than connect to our network using RDP. How can deploy and launch the lspush program to audit them?

Engaged Sweeper
That's great news.
My problem with non-active directory workstations is the Administrator password wich is different on each station. This is our policy. The workgoup is the same most of the time.
But if you say I can use the deployment way on LsPush that;s great.
Until you have lansweeper 5.0 I will deploy the LsPuch agent using an antivirus management console that permits me to deploy and run it without the need to agree with users.

Thanks! I think this will work. I am trying right now.
Lansweeper Alumni
Workgroups can be scanned:

- Using a non-agent based scanning method. You must submit a credential that has administrative privileges on all workgroup computers and then submit the workgroup itself for scanning.
You can currently only submit 1 credential per workgroup. In Lansweeper version 5.0 you will be able to submit multiple credentials per workgroup. Lansweeper 5.0 is currently in development, but we do not yet have a release date for it.

- Using LsPush, which is an agent that can be run on the client machine itself and takes a full local inventory. More info on LsPush can be found on page 32 of our online documentation.