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Engaged Sweeper III
Since 5.1 we put the plans of our Buildings, Floors, Offices into Lansweeper. They come at a resolution of 4000x3000 pixels or even bigger and they look amazing. Wenn we resize them with image editing tools the fonts become to small and there is not enough room to put all needed assets into the correct room for example.

Problem: If we use the big ( in pixel-size ) images scrolling around the image becomes a pain in the a** because the LanSweeper window vanishes out of the screen. ( our screens run at 2x 2560x1440 and even that is not enough sometimes to have the UI and the right position on the map in your field of view...

Needed Solution: A fixed border/frame with the lansweeper UI. And only the map should scroll/move - as seen on other websites - for example when embedding a google map into a web page. The Page stays on its fixed position and on the map you can move aroung and zoom in/out etc... For pictures big in size this would be a great solution / feature.