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ability to exclude scanning of computers based on IP range

to prevent Lansweeper from trying to scan computers outside of an organization's network, would like to see the ability to limit active scanning to set of user-defined IP ranges.

googoo by Engaged Sweeper III
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IPAM IP Address Management

This would be nice using the IP address data already in the database, and the ability to reserve IP addresses for other devices. Make comments on a IP and a few other custome fields. Maybe a way to test and see if the address is in use as well. Anyon...

novasam by Engaged Sweeper III
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Printer ID

Any chance of getting lansweeper the ability to scan for printers and display what model and or version the network printer is. That would be helpful in our company...

cojast by Engaged Sweeper III
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Required Admin Accounts

I'd like to see a checkbox in the config GUI under the "allowed admins" section that designates certain accounts as "Required Admins" and an accompanying report of computers that are missing these required accounts.The ability to make this specific ...

wgknowles by Engaged Sweeper II
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Application Virtualization and Lansweeper

Has anyone ran vertualized applications on a PC then checked to see if Lansweeper could see them?If so what solution (i.e. Thinapp, InstallFree, App-V, Application Jukebox, XenApp) did you use and what was the result?

Cobra7 by Champion Sweeper
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After 17 years with lansweeper

Hi All, So we've had Lansweeper since ~2006, We had a great deal and purchase price with the tool for years and it's provided us with the best support it was 1 and a half years ago Lansweeper started to announce the new pricing structure which we hav...

Microsoft System Center Remote Tools

If you're a SCCM User like I am, it sure seems like a pain to have to load the entire SCCM MMC just to click on a computer to get to the Remote Tools.To solve this, copy rc.exe from%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Configuration Manager\bin\i386\rc.exeAnd pla...

kas by Engaged Sweeper II
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External Programs

Can you build in a feature to call external programs like batches on some status like "after scan new computer", "After change settings" like IPaddress, Gateway.So we can add more information from internal databases.