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Engaged Sweeper
I've got a lot of Inter-Tel/Mitel IP phones detected as Cisco Network Devices, as shown below, what would be the SQL code to reclassify as as:

Type: IP Phone
Vendor: Mitel

based on the first 3 octets of the mac address and lock them from changes?

Currently shown as:
State: Active
Type: Network device
Name: Cisco Systems
Vendor: Cisco Systems

Device scan:
HTTP port open
HTTP Error: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.
All other ports closed
Mac Address: 00-19-07-84-D0-00

By the way, when using a browser to navigate to (The IP Phone), the authentication dialog box that prompts for the username and password states: "8660 IP Phone" so there must be some way to get this using an HTTP GET command... any ideas?


Engaged Sweeper
It appears as though these Mitel 8660 IP Phones use Cisco networking components, so this is a bit more complicated than I thought. Going to have to use multiple WHERE clauses.

Here's an attempt at the SQL based on some other forum posts I have seen, does this look correct?

UPDATE tblcustdevices
SET devicetype=10, devicetypelock=1, Vendor='Mitel'
WHERE (Mac LIKE '00-19-07%')
AND (Http = 1)
AND (HttpServer = '')
AND (Snmp <> 1)
AND (Telnet = 1)
AND (Devicetype = 1)
AND (Displayname LIKE 'Cisco Systems %')

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