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Engaged Sweeper

We want to import all our USB printers into Lansweeper just so we can make reports etc.
So i made a XLS sheet with following fields.

State Type Name Model Vendor Location Branch Office Kostprijs (custom1)

But it needs to have a DeviceKey to import them, as i've seen in the DB this is some sort of auto generated value (4224d3f7-9b83-4965-9be2-b4b21e2210d6).
What kind of value is it? Where does it come from and can i create and import these myself? if so how?

is this value to be found in multiple tables and if so where do i need to import it ( a part from custdev)?

kind regards

Lansweeper Alumni
An example script for importing a device can be seen below. This script can be executed in the Lansweeper configuration console under Lansweeper\Database Scripts and will add an active printer with the name "Demo Printer" to your database.
You can insert any string in the DeviceKey field, as long as it's unique.

INSERT INTO [tblCustDevices] ([Devicetype],[State],[Displayname],[DeviceKey],[firstseen])
Values (16,1,'Demo Printer','1000',GetDate())

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