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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee


Automatically Generate Network Topologies and Virtual Environments

Visualize your IT assets on diagrams to see the trees through the forest. Discover at a glance, in Lansweeper Cloud, the relationships between your assets with dynamically generated network topologies and virtual environments based on the data available in your Inventory.


Mock-up Disclaimer: This image is a digital mock-up. It’s shown to give you a general idea of how the product will look and may not be 100% accurate.

About Our Beta Program:

Give feedback in the early stages of developing a feature. Clients will test our MVP features during the Beta Program before they are publicly available.

Our Beta Program is the first round of testing our new features with our clients. The Beta Program aims to refine the product and associated processes. Beta participants will work closely with our product team to provide ongoing feedback about the product.

Clients are expected to help us actively identify potential bugs and areas where we can improve at an MVP level.


👉 FAQ:


What is the Beta Program?

  • The Beta Program is an opportunity for selected clients to gain exclusive early access to some of our new features and add-ons before they are publicly available, with the objective of refining the product and associated processes.
  • Beta participants work closely with our product and engineering teams to provide ongoing feedback about the product.
  • Clients are expected to help us identify potential bugs and areas where we can improve at an MVP level.


Why join the Diagrams Beta Program?

  • Get early access to features before they are publicly available
  • Seize the opportunity to shape the future of the product through your feedback
  • Learn more about the vision, through close contact with the product and engineering teams
  • Enjoy exclusive perks within the Community and receive Lansweeper merchandise! Check our Rewards Policy


How long will the Beta Program last?

The Beta Program will last a few weeks. During that time, clients will be asked to actively test our latest technology and tell us their thoughts, comments, and ideas in a couple of online interviews and in a private channel in the Lansweeper Community. The Product team will guide the clients throughout the whole process.


Who is eligible?

Lansweeper clients with a Starter, Pro, or Enterprise subscription plan are eligible for the Beta Program. Clients must use their business email addresses to sign up for the Program (domains like,, etc. are not eligible).


What is expected of me if I participate in the Program?

  • Your feedback: We want to hear from you, so we'll request your feedback and comments on features, through interviews and the Lansweeper Community.
  • Technical prerequisite: We require that you have set up at least one installation in Lansweeper Cloud, if you haven’t already.
  • Your confidentiality: We ask that you keep what you learn about in the Program confidential, as it is described in the User Participation Agreement.


How do I enroll?

To apply for the Diagrams Beta Program, please fill out the Sign-up form. Please note that spaces are limited, so we may not be able to accommodate all applications. 


Can multiple people from my organization participate in the Program?

Yes, it is possible to provide early access to diagram features in development for each employee of an organization selected to participate in the Program. They must register via the sign-up form, and the Product team will take care of the rest. 


Will my use of Lansweeper be affected by the diagramming features offered by this Beta Program?

No, the diagramming features available in this Beta Program are offered in a separate section of Lansweeper Cloud and do not impact other features* offered by the product.

Note: With the exception of creating Asset Relations (manual relationships) from your diagrams that will update your Inventory data.


What are my options if I need support using the features offered by the Beta Program?

Users participating in the Program have exclusive access to a private forum on the Lansweeper Community where they can post their questions and requests for support. Depending on the topics mentioned, personalized calls may be offered.


How will I be notified of new capabilities or improvements released during the Beta Program?

The team is working on delivering the best experience for you. During the Beta Program, you will experience some improvements coming from the feedback provided. These new capabilities added to the Diagrams features will be communicated on the private Diagrams channel, in the Lansweeper Community.


Can I let others know about this Program?