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Engaged Sweeper

We have al lot of users that manage/owns Hyper V guest machines. We would like to generate a report in LAN Sweeper that shows the total hard drive space and memory a users uses.

So if an user use 3 virtual machines with 2, 4 and 8GB of memory and 50, 20 and 100GB of hard drive space we want to show that on this report.

For the user field it's not a problem to manually add the username to a custom asset field.

I have test something with a custom report and now I have a few questions:

  • Can I generate an URL to the report that users can view without to logon and ensure that this data is updated periodically? This can be a URL like: Lansweeperserver:81\reports\......

  • Can the report automatically (for example every night) exported to a CSV file? Maybe we want to use this to put the CSV data to a tool to make this more vissible.

  • Is it possible to filter this data for some specific Hyper-V hosts.

  • Is it possible to display the sum of the total GB in use for memomy and hard drive space per user. Can you sort the report by this value?

First I will know if it is possible, not necessarily how, I can try to figure this out myself.