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Engaged Sweeper II
First. Thank you so much for this splendid inventory tool! incredible how much you are able to do with a few mouse clicks.

My question. after a few days of Lansweeper cleanup and editing, we now have, for the first time in our company history, a 100% correct inventory list.

To maintain this, and to make sure that no IT-staff ever forgets, I would like an email alert whenever a new asset has been discovered.

Is it possible, or should I add it to the Wishlist?

Best regards
Jannik Mortensen

BTW. Version 5 is so much better than V4!
Lansweeper Alumni
Instant alerts are not possible. What you can do however is have one of the built-in reports below mailed to you on a daily basis. Instructions on how to have reports mailed to you can be found on page 136 and beyond of our online documentation.
Computer: New computers found in the last 24 hours
Device: New devices found in the last 24 hours