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Engaged Sweeper

Thanks for this great tool!

I have just started with the email alerts and i have set it to save the report to a directory. It's all working fine.
But there is an issue on how the reports are handled. (to be more precise, i call it a Directory alert since it saves to the lansweeper folder instead of mailing it to me)

let me explain what i'm trying to do...

- The scanning server scans for devices running low on disk space and a report is made that includes the device name, username, email address, the amount of space left and when the device has been scanned the last time. The report is fine (it's pretty much the default report that is included in Lansweeper)

- i have enabled e-mail reporting (every 1 day) for this report and have set this to Directory (instead of mailing) and mapped some drives to have the output available to a mailer application that checks for the XLS file on the lansweeper server's dir.

- Once a device runs out of space and is scanned, this is visible in the reports. it creates the XLS file (or overwrites the XLS if it has an xls already). This works flawlessly!

The issue is as followed. Once a user/server has enough space and it's scanned again it will be removed from the list and the XLS file will be updated to reflect the new status of the devices. But since Lansweeper just stops processing once the report is empty it will leave the XLS report untouched (no data)....

If for example there was just 1 device running out of space and it gets resolved the next day lansweeper would say "Hey!.. the report is empty... YAY! i have nothing to do so i wont do anything!"

Meanwhile the .xls will not be updated and still has 1 device in it that stay's in the report until a new device runs out of space.

Is it possible to have Lansweeper update the XLS file anyway (either remove the report or make an XLS file with only the headers of the report)? This would make the automatic reports much more useful.

I hope it's clear what i mean or please ask me to clarify it a bit more...

What i now do is check the XLS file manually and just remove the 1 line, but i thought the overwrite function also overwrote the file if it's an empty report.. i mean it works when you have for example 2 results in the report and 1 of them is removed. It's just the function that stops processing when there are no results... I thought when overwrite is on, regardless of the reports outcome it would overwrite the XLS with an empty result. The automatic reporting is a bit useless if the data is or can be inaccurate..(in my case)