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Engaged Sweeper III
I'm looking to see if anyone has an ingenious way of scanning shortcut properties.

The issue I am looking to solve is one of the programs we use has a shortcut pointing to a exe file on our network. When we upgraded to Windows 7, the admin neglected to tell those who installed it that it should point to a different exe file or it 'may' cause issues for the users.

I've scanned the shortcut file, but it doesn't return that property of the file so I can't determine from any report which ones I'll need to change. Or if there are even that many to change.

I'm currently scanning a registry to see if it may be stored in there, but I don't have high hopes for it. And I'd rather not go through the effort of changing our start up script if there's only a handful of users affect.

Any advice?

Lansweeper Alumni
This information cannot currently be scanned by Lansweeper.