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Engaged Sweeper III
OK so everyon that uses lansweeper regularly knows that the dns cache of the lansweeper server can show some assets online that are not actually online, but rather dhcp has reissued that cached ip to another machine. I have actions to tell me if this is the case. I have a couple of options to work around this, one i could run a batch file on a frequent interval from task scheduler on the lansweeper server, i can select the lansweeper server asset and run this action:
cmd.exe /K {actionpath}psexec \\{computer} /c {actionpath}flushdns.bat (which works when on the lansweeper server asset page)
but I would actually like to create an action that specifically targets the lansweeper server. I've tried a few times by changing {computer} to the simple and fqdn name of the lansweeper server.

Any ideas?
Engaged Sweeper II
See these stale assets does lansweeper detect their mac addresses ?
Engaged Sweeper II
Here's my solution.

i've created a sheduled task:

ipconfig /flushdns in a batch file

that run's every 5 minutes

solved my problem
Engaged Sweeper III
I found a workaround.
So my action looks like this: cmd.exe /K {actionpath}psexec \\lansweeperservername /c {actionpath}flushdns.cmd

my flush dns cmd is just ipconfig /flushdns

This gets me to the point of being able to flush the dns of the lansweeper server, but i'm still seeing stale db records for the ip of assets which shows them online when in fact that ip may have been reissued to another system.