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Lansweeper Alumni
I don't see an option in lansweeper for Hardware cleanup like there is for computers. is there some type of script anyone has written that i can borrow? going through IP Changes right now and getting hard to keep track.
Lansweeper Alumni
Cleanup options for non-Windows machines do not currently exist. These will be added in Lansweeper 5.1, which is currently in development. We do not yet have a release date for Lansweeper 5.1. For now, you can manually delete devices by clicking the Assets link at the top of the web console, ticking the checkboxes in front of the devices and hitting the Delete button on the left.

You could also execute the script below under Configuration/Scanning Setup/Database Scripts to delete stale device entries. It deletes devices that haven’t been scanned in more than 90 days. Replace the number marked in bold to change the time frame.

delete from tblassets where assettype <> -1 and lastseen < GetDate () - 90