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Duplicate PC records

I have recently relocated a PC from one location to another and have both the hostname and IP changed. A new entry in the Lansweeper inventory list was create automatically. However, I happened to find that there are two entries bearing the old an...

wmi errors

I was getting access denied on an xp sp3 system so I followed the instructions for adding the id to the administrator group, running the script to rebuild the wbem repository and checking the settings on dcomcnfg. After doing all of that I am now ge...

progdlp by Engaged Sweeper
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Scanning computers OU doesn't work

I have LS setup to scan 4 different OU's (see screenshot). It scans 3 of the OU's fine. The 4th OU doesn't scan at all - nothing shows up in the web console - (OU=Computers,DC=XXXX,DC=com). This is a valid OU and is a default creation in AD.Any su...

bd by Engaged Sweeper III
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Dashboard compliance

When looking at an individual pc's action screen, 2 reports show up under "dashboard compliance" in our environment. What determines the reports that show up under this heading?

googoo by Engaged Sweeper III
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Lansweeper tied to DHCP

Was wondering if there is a way to specifically make lansweeper directly communicate with DHCP on my domain. When an addres is given out I would want lansweeper to show the device. This seems to work already on printers, switches, routers and other...

ckingu by Engaged Sweeper
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Report email setup

I lokked through previous posts but was unable to find enough solid info on configuring the report email options.I am having issues getting this to work even when I select "Mail Reports Now".I set the SMTP server to the address of my exchange server,...

dwilkes by Engaged Sweeper
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Non-active computers that ARE active

I have 30 non-active computers (in lansweeper) that are active and have been scanned today, but they still are showing up as non-active. I currently have the scanning setup options all unchecked, however, I did have "Set computers to non-active if n...

jdaniel by Engaged Sweeper III
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