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Engaged Sweeper

we have just implemented Lansweeper and would like to start using some of the data we now have.
Is it possible to run a system wide report extracting individual information and then present this in a useful format.
For example, we are running a file server migration project where it would be very helpful to extract the mapped drive information for every computer into a format that can then be tinkered with in one large file.
the information in in the machine detail page, under windows - mapped drives.

Can anyone help with this ?

Lansweeper Alumni
For anyone else wondering: an example report for the requested information can be seen below.

Select tblComputers.Computername, tblComputers.ComputerUnique,
tblComputers.Domain, tblmappeddrives.Username, tblmappeddrives.Driveletter,
tblmappeddrives.RemotePath, tblmappeddrives.Lastchanged
From tblComputers Inner Join
tblmappeddrives On tblComputers.Computername = tblmappeddrives.Computername
Order By tblComputers.ComputerUnique, tblmappeddrives.Driveletter

To use the specified report, do the following:
• Open the Lansweeper configuration console and select Reports & Alerts\Report Builder. Hit the “New” button.
• Copy the SQL code provided and paste it at the bottom of the newly created report, replacing the default SQL code.
• Click somewhere near tblComputers so the new code applies.
• Give the report a “View name” and a “Report name” and hit the “Save” button.
• Double-click on the report in the report list to see its results and export options.
Engaged Sweeper

never mind, this was so simple to do it's almost funny.
the report builder is quite amazing.