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Engaged Sweeper
Hi everyone,

We were looking at the available charts that come with lansweeper --

Has anyone been able to create a report that has historical information as to the amount of Laptops and Workstations that are on the network by month?

We are trying to see how many new machines are deployed and perhaps display some kind of chart with growth information - for example month of January - 300 laptops , february 320 etc etc..

What i'm trying to avoid is exporting the data manually each month to get the number of machines that are on our network - I would believe there has to be some report that can be made to do this....

Any help would be appreciated!!


Lansweeper Alumni
You wouldn't be able to create an accurate report, as Lansweeper does not keep a history of deleted assets. If an asset is deleted manually or through your cleanup options, there are no traces of it left in your database.