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Engaged Sweeper
I have been running this on a test server for 2 months now and it runs great and I am about to move it to productions servers. I am wondering if there is anyway to know how much of a load this is going to put on a server. Obviously I am not going to be putting this on a dedicated server so I am trying to figure out the best server to add it to. I wasn't sure while it scans if this takes a lot of resources from the server or not. We have about 200 computers and 300 devices detected.
Lansweeper Alumni
The impact on your server resources is difficult to predict. We don't foresee any issues for scanning 500 machines though.

To optimize Lansweeper performance you could always lower your computer and IP threads in the configuration console. These values can be found under Scanning Servers/(Your Server)/Options/Service Options. Changing service options values requires you to restart the Lansweeper service.