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Engaged Sweeper

I am moving from a Windows 2008r2 (IIS7) environment to a Windows 2012 (IIS8) environment. The migration has gone fine with the DB and all, however not so much with actually running the site itself.

The only major difference is IIS.

When running the site, there are no issues, however when browsing to the site, I get a 404 error. The site also comes up with an IIS7 page (clearly incorrect if it is on a II8 environment).

Has anyone from the community or Lansweeper support, got Lansweeper working on an IIS8 environment?

If so, any thing special to achieve this?

Lansweeper Alumni
In add/remove windows features you have to make sure that dotnet framework 2.0/3.5 is enabled.
Make sure that the application pool used by the lansweeper website is using version 2.0

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