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Engaged Sweeper
We have a number of devices (punch presses, lathes, etc) that have different Windows interfaces such as Windows Ultimate, Windows XP and Windows XP Embedded.

All of these machines have to attach to our domain in order to transfer part program files off of the server - so each computer on these machines has to have a valid user name and password. Each of the computers on these machines have populated the Active Directory Computer folder for our domain under users and computers.

Yet none of these machines have shown up on Lansweeper - no reports of failed attempts, RPC or otherwise.

As is typical, most of our design workstations have shown up on Lansweeper and a few have RPC issues.

So we are curious as to why the computers located on these industrial machines don't show on Lansweeper.

We understand we should be able to use LSPUSH to get these machines to report. Please see our added comments to an existing post on the Lansweeper Premium section about LSPUSH not working (added post to an existing one there).

Any ideas are appreciated.
Lansweeper Alumni
Troubleshooting being done through email.