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Engaged Sweeper II
We have been using Lansweeper for over a year now with domain scanning. We have decided to switch to LSPush to achieve better scanning results. We have begun deploying LSPush via group policy to a select group of machines for testing purposes before we start using it completely. My question is, does anyone know of a way I can see if LSPush is working correctly from the console? We still have domain scanning enabled until we switch completely to LSPush. Thanks for any help and suggestions.
Engaged Sweeper II
That's exactly what I needed. Thanks alot!
Lansweeper Alumni
Since you still have other scanning methods enabled, you will need to use a custom report to verify this. The LastLsPush field of tblComputers indicates when a machine was last successfully scanned by LsPush, but it is not included in any of the standard reports. You can use the report below instead.
Select Top 1000000 Web40OSName.Compimage As icon, tblComputers.Computername, tblComputers.Computer, tblComputers.Domain, Web40OSName.OSname, Web40OSName.SP, tblComputers.LastLsPush From tblComputers Left Join Web40OSName On Web40OSName.Computername = tblComputers.Computername Order By tblComputers.ComputerUnique

To use the specified report, do the following:
• Open the Lansweeper configuration console and select Reports & Alerts\Report Builder. Hit the New button.
• Copy the SQL code provided and paste it at the bottom of the newly created report, replacing the default SQL code.
• Click somewhere near tblComputers so the new code applies.
• Give the report a View Name and a Report Name and hit the Save button.
• Double-click on the report in the report list to see its results and export options. The report will also be listed in the web console under All Available Reports.

Note that you can also add the /showresult parameter to your LsPush command to verify whether it's connecting to your Lansweeper server. You will get a message back, "connection succeeded" or "connection failed". For instance:

c:\>lspush.exe LAN-001 /showresult