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i dont know if lansweeper have this feature. We manage a big domain with remote sites arround the world and network restrictions between the sites and central. Actually we have a unique domain, but AD servers on every remote site. Now i have a lansweeper server and there are many remote sites with scanned clients but no inventory info obtained.

My question is if it is possible to have a children lansweepers (data collectors) on every remote site and a "master" lansweeper who recieve all the children data.

So long i search at the forum and didnt see any related post. :s ... im still looking now.

Lansweeper Alumni
Please contact us by e-mail and provide screenshots of the problems.
You will need to use sql authentication for the untrusted domains.
Engaged Sweeper
Yes, we have enterprise version installed. 🙂

Anyway, i have problems to connect to the database from "data collector". When i try to open "Lansweeper configuration" on the remote service, i get this message:

"Login Failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication"

The servers are on different domains. I dont know how to resolve this. If i try to disable "Use integrathed authentication" on Lansweeper configuration utility login window, and try to log with the sql credentials, it seems to connect, but a lot of different errors appears. Also, if i open http://localhost:9524/ i can see this message:

"Enterprise version - Active scanning disabled"

The active scan are enabled on the Lansweeper server and the domain is configured on "Active scanning" option. Before i configure the data collector, i can scan from the server, but only name and ip was showed on the computers list, thats way i configured de "data collector"

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You will need an Enterprise license to bring more than one scan server online.
Thanks, Jim Lovejoy __________________________________________________________________________________________________ James W. Lovejoy | IBM - Cloud Managed Services Delivery | Infrastructure Architect (Windows Server ...
Engaged Sweeper
Im replying myself. Via support the solution is install only the service on this "data collectors". During the installation we have to change the pointing to the sql db to the "master server" and thats all.

Now im trying to make it working, because some credential problems. Some screenshots when it work will be post 😉