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Engaged Sweeper
I need to move my current Win2003 lansweeper installation to a new Win2008 server.
Anyone done this before and have a step by step so I don't forget anything?

Gravity 5
Lansweeper Alumni
Please contact us by e-mail to help you solve the problem.
Engaged Sweeper
I believe further instructions would be nice if the user has an instance where the SQL database resides on a common SQL server on the network, and we the users wish to move the other portions of the software to another Windows server machine.

In my case, I saw those instructions and thought to myself "Ok, I can skip the portion about backup and restoring the database" (of course I do a backup at least anyway), and I install Lansweeper on another Windows Server and point it at the lansweeperdb database on my company's SQL server.

I received an error about not being able to have two machines running the scanning service unless I was using the Enterprise version (which I am not Enterprise, simply Premium). So I removed the Scanning Server via the Lansweeper Configuration console on the first server and the install completed on the new server.

Unfortunately, I've run into nothing but problems after doing this. Lansweeper Configuration console throws up errors on pretty much any menu I click on while the web portal is giving me an equal amount of problems.

At this point I think I'm just going to ditch the install on both servers. Remove the database from my SQL server, then reinstall from scratch and restore the data from the backup.

If anyone could give me pointers for a better solution to my current problem, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Lansweeper Alumni