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Engaged Sweeper

Within Lansweeper Console, I'm trying to create a report that includes a link towards an existing intranet-page with the computername as parameter.

I tried to do it by including the <a href...> syntax as one of the columns of the query, but the system seems to replace < by &lt; and " by &quot; so the links are not working properly when I select the report within my Lansweeper webconsole.

Is it possible to include links into the reports and how can it be implmented?
Is it, for instance, possible to make sure that some characters, like <, >, ", are not changed into &lt;, &gt; and &quot; ?

Best regards,
Dirk Bosmans ArcelorMittal Stainless Europe Swinnenwijerweg 5, B-3600 Genk dirk.bosmans@arcelormittal.com | www.arcelormittal.com
Lansweeper Alumni
It's not possible to include links in the reports.

We are rewriting "<, >" fields because otherwise it's possible to completely screw up the html page if a field contains these characters. (which happens often)