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Engaged Sweeper
We are using Lsclient.exe in a logon script to scan in a domain that are not ours we just administrate some OU:s. The computers are public computers for students and they are logged on to every other 10 minutes. To reduce some traffic I do not want Lansweeper to scan them every logon. Is it possible to set this somewhere?
Or is it not a big problem do you think?
Or is it that in Lansweeper Configuration Utility under Item wait time there is where I set this configuration. And only things with item wait time set to 0 is scanned every login time?
Or do you suggest any other way of doing this. Thankful for some help.
Engaged Sweeper
Thank you for quick and good answers! I will look into this and I am sure something will work fine for me.
Champion Sweeper
My understanding - and correct me someone if I'm wrong - is exactly what you said - only those items with a scan time of 0 will be scanned every time a user logs on.

Yes the machine will enter the queue, but probably only for a few seconds if there is nothing to scan.

The only issue I see is if your queue gets so large that by the time Lansweeper is ready to scan the machine it has been swicthed off in which case you may get errors as it cannot communicate with the PC.

Or if you have the premimum version you could use active scanning or scheduled scanning and do away with the logon script...?

Finally, as an alternative you could add some inteliigence to your login script that woudl only trigger a scan if certain criteria were met - ie if a logon had already taken place that day set a variable somewhere or write a file somewhere etc.

Just my thoughts any way!
Lansweeper Alumni
SUB wrote:
And only things with item wait time set to 0 is scanned every login time?

That is correct, if you set the lowest waittime to 1 nothing will be scanned (except for the user information of the user that just logged in)