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Engaged Sweeper
Since a couple of versions we are having issues with our "landing page" the main lansweeper page menu seems to be corrupt...
I have tried a reïnstall of the website, to no avail...
then I did a full reïnstall and while the issue was gone on an empty database, as soon as I attached my old database the issue was back... so it seems that somewhere in a table that "fills" the menu bar there must be a number of bad entries...

anybody that can help me out where I need to clean out some tables? help would much be appreciated.

Pic of issue // Click Here
Lansweeper Alumni
Problem resolved through email. The behavior the customer was seeing (corrupt dashboard tabs) was caused by Rapid7 or other vulnerability management software running in the customer's network. These software packages look for vulnerabilities in websites by trying to inject “bogus” data. Possible solutions:

- Don’t scan the Lansweeper web console with these tools and run the script below in the Lansweeper web console under Configuration/Scanning Setup/Database Scripts to reset your dashboard.

delete from tsysWebUsers where Username='.\Unauthenticated'

- Restrict access to the web console by following the instructions on page 155 and beyond of our online documentation, which will generate a new dashboard for each user:
Lansweeper Alumni
We cannot access the screenshot you linked. Please send screenshots of the problem to