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Engaged Sweeper

I create a report that show information of the computers and "last user" to charge this export to my ticket software.

I see that some computers not show user information on report and see that this information don't are showed too on computer detail.

This show only "No user information gathered" in some computers in my primary domain (the domain of LS Server) and all computers in other domain (remote site conected by VPN) don't have user information gathered.

Someone please help me??

Edmilson Neves
Lansweeper Alumni
Please contact us at and provide us with the following:
- SQL code of the report you are trying to run.
- A screenshot of your Lansweeper configuration console under Scanning Servers\Your Server\Options.
- Screenshot of the Lansweeper webpage of a computer that is not returning user information. Specifically, show us the Actions and Config\User Info\Last Logon sections of the page.