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Engaged Sweeper
I can't seem to post to my post, so sorry for re-posting 🙂

But the exclude PCs isn't working. I used both the NETBIOS name and the FQDN - it's important to note these PCs are on another domain than the main server - although scanning is working for the most part.

I know it says it make take up to 15 minutes and no service restart is needed - but, I did wait more than that time and even removed them again and restarted the service (by remove I mean from the computer list, not the exclude list).

Any idea on what I may be doing wrong?
Engaged Sweeper
Ah I think I found my issue - some of my servers have longer than the 15 character netbios name. I was putting in the full computer name (less fqdn) - adjusting to the 15 character cutoff seems to have done the trick.

Lansweeper Alumni
The "exclude" looks only for the netbios name.