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Engaged Sweeper

i have a new loaction added to lansweeper through ad scanning.
the server ip range is scanned but the client/pc range is not scanned.

i get the following error:

The RPC server is unavailable 0x800706BA (pcname.domain, pcname, ip)

i checked the dhcp and dns and everything is ok.

i can ping (-a) and tracert both the name and ip of both the server and client from every location.

when start the lsclient from the local pc with lsclient server \showresult it is succesful.

i have checked every trouble shooting guide on the site and it everything is ok.

at the moment i'm not sure how to proceed. anyone that has some tip/tricks i can try?
Engaged Sweeper
that was not it, we end up just opening all ports from that subnet to the scanning server. Not a final sollution but it works for now.
Lansweeper Alumni
Try the connectiontester from the server to the client.
Try connecting to telnet port 135 from the server to the client.