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Engaged Sweeper
Hello, I'm having trouble finding a way to add two seperate columns into my report for both performance metrics. (cpu usage, memory usage). I have the performance counters turned on for this specific report. Lansweeper has built in reports to show the top 5 assets for these categories, but even using the sql's from these as a reference, the way the performance counter tables are set up make it very tricky to join the tables correctly so that all assets show up, even if they don't have the performance metric field populated. (if it was offline or whatever reason).

One way I thought of would be to have a report for CPU, a report for memory, and then subquery these reports in the main one, but to be able to query custom reports, I would need to make a change to the lansweeper xml config file, which I don't currently have access to.

If anyone has done this before or could help me out, that would be great.

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