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Champion Sweeper II
I've put in this nice option of a remote command prompt for machines in lansweeper

cmd /K color f8 & {actionpath}psexec.exe \\{smartname} cmd /K prompt $P $G$G

which basically says run local CMD and set the color to f8 and then run psexec to get a command prompt on a remote pc and set the prompt to what i want.

It looks a bit messy. Anyone perhaps want to improve apon it or have a better version they use?
I tried to do the color options on the cmd.exe directly on the remote but it never works using /T:

right now it does leave a cmd prompt open after and if you click with X to close the window it leaves the psexec service running on the other pc. other than that wit works nicely.

I would like though, to be able to , if needed, run the cmd.exe AS another user if i ever need to do things as them remotely (ie map drives...etc)
Engaged Sweeper III
{actionpath}psexec \\{computer} cmd

this works well for me
Champion Sweeper II
What/where does the shellrunas come from?

Odd, i could not get the {computer} name to show up on my prompt . it always evaled as {computer} literally for me.

Actually just tried shellrunas, since we restrict who can logon where, it seems to block the shellrunas from running as that user the program on my {actionpath} hmmm, i would have liked to use the end users creds to run iton their pc, but remotely 🙂

perhaps I need a script to prompt me for the username and then use psexec -u domain\username .

Engaged Sweeper III
Nice... I just changed it a bit, as none of us run with an elevated account, and I didn't like the Exit Exit to close it... I also changed the prompt, so I would be sure what computer I was running on.

{actionpath}ShellRunAs {actionpath}psexec.exe \\{smartname} cmd /K prompt {computer} $P$G