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Engaged Sweeper
When using the remote screengrab (version I have an issue where the users primary monitor is captured, but secondary is blank & white only.

The secondary monitor is a desktop extension and in most case is a different size.

OS is Windows 7 Enterprise SP1.

Any ideas/suggestions gratefully received 🙂
Lansweeper Alumni
Please contact us at support@lansweeper.com and provide us with the following:
- Screenshots of the Lansweeper webpage for one computer that you cannot successfully perform a (complete) Remote Screenshot of. Specifically, we would like screenshots of the 6 items listed under Config\Display.
- Screenshot taken on the affected machine itself of Control Panel (icon view)\Display\Change Display Settings. Specifically, we are interested in the setting attached to this post.
- For easy reference, also include a link to this forum thread in your email.