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Engaged Sweeper
We have several Service Desk people that have Admin rights to the workstations they are maintaining, and have access to the Lansweeper console, but cannot run the remoteuninst.exe program. This occurs both with trying to run it from their workstation through Lansweeper, or directly on the server after using RDP to log into it.

We have tested making them a member of Power Users and other groups on the 2008 server where Lansweeper is installed, but the program states that it requires elevation, and does not work unless they have Admin rights on the server. We also have a license.txt file in the folder to register the tools.

The server is in a different domain than the workstations, but the people I am trying to help have Admin rights to the workstations in both domains. Does remoteuninst.exe typically need Admin rights on the server to work correctly? Thanks.
Lansweeper Alumni
The latest version of remoteuninst.exe does not need to be registered any more. You can download the remote uninstaller from:

You need administrative privileges on the target asset. When you want to do this in another domain then those domains need trust relations between each other.