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Database upgrade

Does the database need to be upgraded? My DB is on a seperate server with SQL, and was wondering if I need to update the DB first.Thanks.

BPetzold by Engaged Sweeper
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Lansweeper 4.0 RTM upgrade

I am currently runing build Is the RTM newer? If so, then it will not let me upgrade, only new install.Than you,Niles

Pollak by Engaged Sweeper III
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Cannot administrate Scanning Setup after upgrade to 4.0

HelloI have used Lansweeper for about a year and just upgraded to (it is still trial, but we are very much considering moving to premium).But all setup options for "scanning setup" area are grey except "item wait time", "computer exclusions...

Elgarim by Engaged Sweeper
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Web portal - enforce a logon

Is there any way to enable forcing a logon to the Lansweeper webportal? We don't like the fact that anyone can open a web browser and type in the portal link and have full access to the data.Mike

mtaggart by Engaged Sweeper
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Lansweeper Plugin for AngryIP

Hi guys,After doing a little Java coding, I have found a way to integrate Lansweeper with AngryIP (open source network scanner Basically I created a new plugin in AngryIP that invokes PSEXEC to run LSCLIENT on a target machine (both...

scott110 by Engaged Sweeper
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Good morningI have a problem with computername in the buider reportI haven't the correct name but I have an incremental number.Thank youMarco

Website SQL error

I just updated lansweeper to version 4, and in the setup i was only able to chose update database + config or something like this. I definitly wasn't able to check "website". And this looks like to be my problem at this point.When i open the website ...

dsch by Engaged Sweeper
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Upgrade to 4.0 version

Hi, There is an update procedure for 4.0 version or we must reinstall?

cheche by Champion Sweeper
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