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Engaged Sweeper

We are using lansweeper for half a year and are happy about it.
Though there are some functionalities that are missing.

We have some back-up computers, always up and running. just in case one might die.
So it happens that one of those back-up computers is given to a co-worker for a few days. But off course, that's like 80 KM away and so it's always a challenge to retrieve the computer again. Cause you know how people are, "lets keep this one to, just in case" or they forget to sent it back.

Anyway, we have an excel sheet that keeps record of the computername, the person its been given to, the date and the location/office (say the destination).

But an excel-sheet is not ideal, it does happen one of us forgets to fill in the sheet and so confusions arises. Therefore, will there be an option for this in the future? How are you guys keeping track of these kind of things?

Thanks in advance for the response.

kind regards.

Lansweeper Alumni
The best way to keep track of computer reassignments is to scan the computers and then either assign them to a particular state ("non-active" for example) or use a custom field to add comments. You can rename custom fields in the configuration console under Configuration\Custom Fields.

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