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Engaged Sweeper
Hi there,

May I know how do I get the most updated report ?

Even when I see the computer last seen date was the latest, I still cant build a updated report.

How to do schedule full scan for my inventory ?
when I do a selected full rescan, I cant seems to get the report I want also.

Ultimately, do you have a best practice to produce an updated report ?

Lansweeper Alumni
Reports always use the latest scanned information, which is stored in the database.
To rescan all information on a computer, use the "Full Rescan" option, as shown in the attached screenshot.

What kind of report are you trying to run?
What do you feel is missing in the report?

Please email us at and provide us with the following:
- SQL code for the report you are trying to run
- The results received for the report
- A detailed explanation of what you feel is incorrect in the report
- Some screenshots of your computer webpages, showing the computers' "Last seen" date