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Engaged Sweeper II
Hello, can Lansweeper report on the version of the Windows Installer present on a Windows XP PC?

Ideally, we would like to run this report against our domain computers from Lansweeper.

Thank you
Engaged Sweeper II
Thank you for your fast response, scanning for the file has provided us with the information we required.

Just curious, our initial file scan parameter which did not find the file was

However, using parameter C:\WINDOWS\system32\msiexec.exe worked fine. Is this a syntax error on my part?

Thanks again for your very fast response, Lansweeper has once again proved to be very useful!

EDIT: Ah, my fault for not reading the documentation, I realise now that I could use %Windir% as the parameter variable.
Lansweeper Alumni
You can try scanning for a specific file and reporting the file version. (msiexec.exe?)