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Champion Sweeper
Today we have a separate database to keep track of all bought software licenses.
In Lansweeper I can only add the sum of all bought software. What I would like to do is to search for computer X, add a software and the exact cost for that license. (Programs seem to get more expensive all the time)
This way we would be able to get the exact list of programs THIS computer have license for and the sum of the cost.
We still need the global licenses that Lansweeper has today because some programs we pay for lets say 500 clients a year even if we only use 400.
Also a report for computers that have a program installed but not have a license registered on it can be generated.

There must also be a way to merge programs in to a package. For example Adobe Creative Suite which includes programs like Illustrator, Photoshop & Acrobat. Programs that also can be sold separately.

Hello everyone,
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Thank you for understanding.