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Engaged Sweeper III
Hi, we ran the report here:

Its showing that every Windows 10 machine we have is "out of date". I'm not sure this report is working correctly. Even if doing all driver and bios updates, all windows updates, bypassing WSUS and getting the bleeding edge updates direct from microsoft... rebooting, then rescanning, the pc's remain on the list.

This was supposed to be patched in a July 2019 patch and even with the 02-2020 cumulative update on Win 10 1909, lansweeper (IMO) is incorrectly reporting a vulnerability that doesn't exist. You look closely and only Windows Server and Windows 7 show as not affected. Its like the report is written that if the OS is windows 10, mark it out of date no matter what.

For example my test laptop has Windows 10 1909 build 10.0.18363.657 installed. If you look at the report code nowhere is any mention of Windows 10 build 1909 or 10.0.18363.657.

Can someone verify how to remediate this vulnerability, or fix the report?