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Engaged Sweeper II
I want to split my LanSweeper database in two parts: one for workstations and one other for servers. But I also want to use the same scanning server. So, in my lab environment, I duplicated my installation (C:\program files\Lansweeper2), I created a new database (Lansweeperdb2), I created a new service (LanSweeper Server 2) and I create a new IIS Web Site on the port 82. Everything is working well.

Do I need an Enterprise license to do this or does my premium license is fine? (I have only one scanning server but two installations)

Lansweeper Alumni
We only allow multiple Premium installations for testing purposes. Both installations must remain within the same company. Example: you have one "main" server and one "test" server used to review the effects of a Lansweeper update before deploying the update on your "main" server.

robintre wrote:
I created a new database (Lansweeperdb2)

Something like this will inevitably break during upgrades. We do not support renaming the database.