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Engaged Sweeper
I have gone through about 50 computers and uninstalled ClamWin software. But it is still showing in Software reports. The computers look they have been scanned after I have uninstalled the S/W. Is there something more I need to do with the computers and/or Lansweeper?
Lansweeper Alumni
There are three possible explanations why the website may indicate that a software package is present on a computer when you believe it has in fact been removed:

- The computer has not yet been rescanned. This is the most likely cause. Ensure that the “Last seen” date of the affected computer is recent. This date reflects when the computer was last scanned.
- The computer was rescanned, but its software information was not. If the item wait time for software has been set to a very high number, software information will not be rescanned each time when performing a Rescan. So ensure that in the configuration console, under Item Wait Time, SOFTWARE is not set to -1 (disabled) or a really high number.
- The computer was rescanned, but some remnants of the software package are still present in the registry. This rarely happens, but it is possible.
Engaged Sweeper
Make sure all Registry entries are also deleted to be sure all remnants of the program have been erased.