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Champion Sweeper II
Here are some actions to run the OFFER Remote Assitance to windows machines.

FROM a WIN7 Machine

action name= Remote Assist (win7)
Action Code=


**Select HELP SOMEONE , then the Advanced Connection bellow,

FROM a WinXP Machine.

Action name= Remote Assist (XP)
Action Code=

iexplore "hcp://CN=Microsoft%20Corporation,L=Redmond,S=Washington,C=US/Remote%20Assistance/Escalation/Unsolicited/UnSolicitedRCUI.htm"

you CAN leave out the iexplore part but it seemed to work better via iexplore.

NOW the Fun Part

TO Enable the reception of the "OFFER" remote assistance option.
= RUN GPEDIT.MSC from run command line ON THE PC TO RECEIVE HELP.
Browse to
Local Computer Policy/Computer Configuration/Administrative templates/System/Remote Assistance
then "ENABLE" the option "Offer remote Assistance"

You can set Remote Helps to something like DOMAIN\Domain Admins
to be safe

now you can pop up the assistance request remotely on their pc.

To make it UNattended 🙂
*on the pc to receive help.
This should be done only if you trust your network....

auto accept VIEW
In XP host, Edit C:\windows\pchealth\HelpCtr\System\Remote Assistance\helpeeaccept.htm

btnAccept.disabled = false;
btnDecline.disabled = false;

to this

btnAccept.disabled = false;
btnDecline.disabled = false;

Auto Accept Rmote Control

Find the following line in the c:\windows\pchealth\helpctr\System\Remote Assistance\Interaction\Server\TakeControlMsgs.htm file and insert the one line of code show:

idExpert1.innerText = vArgs[0];
idExpert2.innerText = vArgs[0];
idExpert3.innerText = vArgs[0];

// Added to allow take remote control of PC

*Credit to whoever on the internet found that code in the first place....
Engaged Sweeper
I used the following as a Custom Asset Action using Lansweeper version 5.0 -

c:\windows\system32\msra.exe /offerRA {smartname}

It will launch Remote Assistance using the selected computer name.

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