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Engaged Sweeper III

Is there a way to trigger scans a list of specific workstations, without access to the interface Lansweeper? (external control lsclient + workstations list or other)

Thank you in advance for your reply

Engaged Sweeper III
Nickel, merci beaucoup
Lansweeper Alumni
To rescan a list of computers that have already been scanned, you could use LsTrigger. Please refer to this forum topic for specific instructions.

For computers that have not yet been scanned, you could use either LsClient or LsPush. LsClient sends a scan request from the workstation to the service, with the service performing the actual scan. LsPush takes a full local inventory by itself and does not rely on the service to do the scanning. Both scanning methods can be integrated into logon or other custom scripts

More information on LsClient can be found on page 17 of our online documentation.
LsPush is currently in its final beta stage. You can find the latest beta installer here. Instructions on how to use LsPush can be found here. We recommend doing a database backup before applying any updates.