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Engaged Sweeper II
We have problem with our installation, we get the following problem when we try to delete from the database.

"Could not find server 'SQL02' in sys.servers. Verify that the correct server name was specified. If necessary, execute the stored procedure sp_addlinkedserver to add the server to sys.servers"

But if I trye to add the server to itself I get "You cannot create a local SQL Server as a Linked Server".

We have an external sql2005 server with windows server 2003. With the name SQL02 as stated in the message above.

I have read in the forum and we have not changed name or sql server neither the app/web server.
Lansweeper Alumni
run the following sql code: (replace yourserver)

EXEC sp_serveroption 'YourServer', 'DATA ACCESS', TRUE
Engaged Sweeper II
After that solution I got a new problem,

"Server 'SQL02' is not configured for DATA ACCESS.
Lansweeper Alumni
Please follow these guidelines: http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/datacenter/changing-the-name-of-your-sql-server/192

Check first to see if the name matches the name of your server.

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